Environmental Management

Implementation of multiple initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions and offset their impact as much as possible; these actions are increasingly valued by clients who prefer to opt for sustainable events.
The paint used for the maintenance of walls meets the standards required to be non-polluting; the floors of the halls are made of sustainable wood; the audiovisual equipment is certified in efficiency “energy star” or similar; more than 4 sustainable menu options are included in the event kit; woven mini-backpacks are used and reused by the Wayúu community as a water bottle holder for attendees; the “to-go” containers for the coffee breaks and lunch-boxes are biodegradable, made from corn starch, among others. Additionally, the hotel analyzes and quantifies CO2 emissions and can certify the carbon footprint generated by each particular event.

Aligned with the current resolution, the hotel works for the preservation and conservation of the old convent of Santa Clara de Asís, an asset of cultural interest that has been built for more than 400 years.

• The stationery used for printing is certified in sustainable forests and complies with current environmental regulations.
• The electronic invoicing system was migrated, eliminating the printing of paper in the invoicing process and contributing to the reduction of tree felling, CO2 emissions derived from the energy necessary to convert cellulose into paper and the waste produced by the printing process.
• The menus of the different environments were digitized, using QR codes that guests and diners can scan from the restaurants and rooms.
• The event kit was digitized with all the menu options for groups, avoiding printing them for each client.
• Technological tools such as digital totems were used in the areas for advertising hotel activities and events, as well as electronic tablets to support inspection visits that avoid printing photographs, plans and capacities.
• The hotel supports fair trade or “fair trade”, buying certified products in this trade alternative that ensures respect for human rights, fair prices, rejection of child exploitation, among others.

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