Social Responsibility

The hotel joins the global initiative called “Earth Hour” by the NGO WWF (“World Wildlife Fund”). The action seeks to raise awareness and mobilize the population on global warming and consists of turning off the lights for 60 minutes to demonstrate commitment to the environment During the event, the lights in the common areas of the hotel are turned off.

Periodic days to protect heritage and recover parks are organized in partnership with local entities such as Limpirarte, Fundación Tu Cultura and the Escuela Taller, where ambassadors participate in conservation, cleaning, painting, gardening, planting trees, among other activities, in squares and parks such as: the Walled Cord of the Historic Center, Apolo Park, Centennial Park, among others.

An annual tree planting goal is established, which by 2023 is 600 specimens.
The Hotel links students from vulnerable populations in the internship stage of the Granitos de Paz Foundation and the National Learning Service (SENA).

Every April, within the framework of Earth Day, the hotel carries out different academic activities to raise awareness for ambassadors, guests and clients about the importance of caring for and preserving the environment. The Annual Sustainability Forum is one of these activities and is attended by students from various universities in the city.

The Local Suppliers Fair is held biannually in the Santa Clara Hall and colonial corridors, where a promotional space is opened for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the Region to show, promote and sell their products. At the fair, more than 20 stands are exhibited, where you can find everything from hats by the designer Hernán Zajar, necklaces with exclusive designs, handicrafts, to local products with an environmental and sustainable approach. Likewise, the hotel supports the Conscious Love Fair, which is held in the Centennial Park every three months in which local products are promoted.

As part of the comprehensive Training and Learning program for ambassadors, the hotel has an English teacher on the floor who teaches and reinforces the use of the second language to the ambassadors of the different areas; Additionally, in accordance with current regulations, they are periodically trained in topics such as: first aid, CPR, evacuation drills, fire brigades, handling of hazardous chemical products, proper use of cleaning products, waste management, among others.

Aligned with “WATCH” (We Act Together for Children), the ACCOR group’s program to combat all forms of child sexual abuse and exploitation, all hotel ambassadors are 100% trained and certified in the international initiative “The Code ”. Additionally, periodic awareness training is carried out in agreement with the RENACER Foundation, who update tools and support actions for the tourism industry to prevent and reinforce protection against sexual exploitation, pornography and other forms of abuse against children and teenagers.

Within the framework of “International Girls’ Day” and the blue week, the Hotel designs a menu and allocates the funds raised from its sale to support the girls of the Plan International Foundation.
The hotel supports foundations with initiatives for the protection of biodiversity in the region such as Fundación Titi Cabeciblanco and Fundación Agrícola Camelias; who have protected natural areas of tropical dry forest for the observation of wildlife and wild birds.
Bicycle service is offered for guest use, promoting eco-friendly transport for the recognition of the Historic Center.

In the social sphere, donations are made that support the vulnerable population of the city such as children, low-income communities and the elderly, to whom supplies are brought; An example of this is the collection campaigns for the donation of Christmas toys every December and school kits at the beginning of the year for more than 80 children.

The hotel supports the community by hiring local payroll. More than 90% of the ambassadors are from Colombia and of them, more than 80% are from Cartagena.
Every year, as part of the “Fete de la Musique”, the hotel together with the Tocando Puertas Foundation perform a concert with the Foundation’s children’s choir. The money raised in this event is intended to support these children and young people to continue their music studies and buy their instruments; Additionally, in this space, Cartagena residents, hotel guests, and visitors are invited to donate a toy for the city’s underprivileged children, which are later delivered by the hotel’s ambassadors.

Campaigns to recover the infrastructure of educational institutions in the city are supported, such as: Lomas del Marión school (San Francisco neighborhood) and Las Palmeras school (Las Palmeras neighborhood).
Local purchase is supported, more than 45% of products purchased by the hotel are produced locally and more than 80% are from locally based suppliers.

Aligned with the ACCOR chain’s program in favor of inclusion, diversity and labor equality, RiiSE the Hotel undertakes to ensure equal access to the facilities and services provided, to recognize the individual diversity of its clients and collaborators, to eliminate all sources of discrimination in commercial offers, facilities, equipment and buildings, as well as in management practices, procedures and processes.

The hotel thanks, rewards and encourages its collaborators with activities, benefits and initiatives grouped in what is called “collective pact”, a commitment that allows ambassadors to enjoy multiple privileges such as: complementary health plan subsidy and its extension to the employee’s family nucleus, paid days off, bonuses and stays as a reward for seniority, birthday celebrations, paid days for family time, celebration of national holidays, wellness activities, healthy menus, among many other actions.

Additionally, the hotel supports the growth of its collaborators by offering promotion opportunities and hiring extra personnel that become the hotel’s fixed payroll. So far in 2023, more than 20 promotions have been made as a reward for the commitment, dedication and experience of the ambassadors.
The ACCOR Compliance program was implemented; that ensures compliance with laws, regulations and policies from Talent & Culture, Financial Administration, Data Protection and Security. There is a zero-tolerance policy for bribery in all operations and activities.

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