What to Wear to a Destination Wedding?

When talking about destination weddings or beach weddings, the question is often what should I wear?

If you too are wondering what to wear on a destination wedding, follow our guide.


Destination weddings are often hosted in tropical or Mediterranean climate so plan your outfit accordingly. Here are some tips.


First, you should know what activities will take place during the destination wedding?

Your outfit should be adapted to the kind of event you will be attending: rehearsal dinner, cocktail reception, city tour, beach day, etc.




For Cartagena’s tropical weather, favor light and cool fabrics that won’t stick to your skin such as cotton, rayon, tulle or linen.


For women, a tulle dress for example can be both super cool and light to wear but also give a very chic and glamorous aspect. If the reception is by the beach or takes place in the evening, don’t forget to bring a shawl for it can get chilly with the wind.


If the wedding is indoors, you can opt for silk. A gorgeous fabric that unfortunately doesn’t go to well with hot weather (beware of the sweat marks).


Lace is also a great fabric both elegant and comfortable to wear in hot weather.


For men, linen suits are a MUST. If you want to immerge yourself in the Caribbean culture, why not try a “Guayabera” the traditional linen shirt that will make you stand out of the other guests.


Cotton is also a great material: a nice polo, a pair of chino pants and you’re good to go.


If the wedding is indoors and more formal, than you can never go wrong with a suit and tie or tuxedo.





What color should I wear on a destination wedding? Can I wear white to a wedding?


The common saying says only the bride is allowed to wear white on her wedding day… but it doesn’t say anything about the days prior to the wedding.


White is indeed a very light and summery color. If there is a beach day planned, why not go with a white bathing suit covered with a nice tropical pareo or kimono.


If you go with white, you can always accessorize with shiny sandals or bright earrings in order to contrast. Your accessories reflect your personnality. If you’re bold you can go with a nice bright turban or flower crown, if you’re not, a discreet pair of earring or headband will do the trick.


Black, on the other hand, is always a symbol of elegance but in a hot weather it can rapidly become unbearable.

Favor light tones like pastels or dare to go all the way tropical with a warm red, tangerine, terra cotta, indigo, turquoise or emerald green.


Picture yourself with a tropical flower dress for the rehearsal dinner with Cartagena’s sunset as a background: a dream. Thin straps, naked back and shoulders are all great ideas.


As for men, we recommend unbleached and natural fabrics, why not try out a sky-blue suit in order to challenge your inner vintage, romantic self.  Don’t hesitate to accessorize : hats, sunglasses (and don’t forget sunscreen for the beach day).


For the rehearsal dinner, you can go with a nice silk shirt at dusk.


Finally, an advice to the bride and groom, why not provide your guest with a mood board for dress code, colors and fabrics’ inspiration for the big day, thus making it way more easy for everybody to pack their suitcases.


If you wish to get married in the great Sofitel Legend Santa Clara hotel, don’t hesitate to check out our wedding venues or contact our teams.


If you didn’t catch our Virtual Wedding Forum about “What to wear to a Destination Wedding?” click on the link below (video in Spanish).





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