Food & Beverage

One of the most important actions of the hotel is the reduction in food waste, a reduction of close to 60% in food waste has been achieved through a daily control of the same, reviewing the sizes of the menus, adjusting the portions of food, among other actions.

On the other hand, the hotel has agreements with food banks and foundations such as “Alimentarte” where every 8 days an average of 40 kilos of supplies and food not consumed before expiration is donated, to support the feeding of more than 900 children of vulnerable population.
Artisanal fishing is supported, an activity considered Intangible Cultural Heritage of the nation, acquiring the fish from the population of the Gulf of Morrosquillo in the municipality of Coveñas, who continue the ancestral tradition using artisan tools such as cast nets, trammel nets, rowboats and longlines. to fish species free of chemicals and that are not in danger of extinction.

Cage-free or “grazing-free” eggs and chickens are bought, with totally natural breeding and plant food free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics.
Some foods are reused daily such as fruits, breads and vegetables in perfect condition, which become ingredients for new preparations such as jams, desserts and salads, which are placed in the dining room available to ambassadors at lunchtime.

Organic products such as tea, coffee, among others, are purchased from local suppliers and additionally the coffee capsules used are certified as biodegradable.
The consumption of filtered water is suggested in the different rooms of the hotel.
Vegetarian and vegan menu options are included in the restaurants and event kit.
Products derived from endangered or protected species are not purchased.
In the hotel kitchens, sprouts are harvested, growing fresh vegetables and seeds that are part of the different preparations and menus.

In contrast to food products that travel thousands of kilometers from their place of collection or production and go through multiple intermediaries before reaching their consumer; the hotel produces and uses “KM 0 Products” (zero kilometers or local products), such as spices, vegetables and plants that are harvested in the hotel garden and seasonal products such as typical fruits of the region that are included in the preparations .

Every week the hotel buys 200 kg of tomatoes from which their seeds and excess skin are used, with which tomato water is prepared to marinate fish skewers and other snacks at events.
Leftover cuts of spinach, broccoli and other vegetables are used and mixed with the cheeses and yogurts left over from the daily breakfast to bake delicious savory vegetable cakes.
All cooking oils are changed to certified palm oils.

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