At the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara, we understand that every wedding is a new world to be discovered, and so it is our mission to ensure your special day is unforgettable.

“A wedding is so much more than just a big event, it is the first day of the rest of the lives of a couple; it should be something beautiful and magical. In my many years of experience organizing weddings, I have learnt that each one is made up of thousands of crucial pieces and, like a puzzle, every piece needs to be in the right place for everything to come together. But the most important thing I have come to learn is that the most significant pieces of the puzzle are people’s feelings; which is why planning this kind of event goes well beyond a simple business transaction. In my case, I have had the honor and privilege of organizing weddings for numerous couples, each of which have become part of my family – and I’m proud to say that I have become part of theirs.”

Juan Pablo Estrada

Luxury Wedding Hotelier

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Mr. Juan Pablo Estrada
Legendary Wedding Planner

+57 (5) 650 4700 ext. 2040

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    Santa Clara Weddings

    Your wedding is the biggest event and perhaps the most complex and detailed occasion that you will ever have to plan. It reflects the personality of a couple, which is why it is key to transform this into an absolutely unique...

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    Weddings Venues

    Whether you decide to indulge in our iconic Santa Clara Ballroom, our luxurious heritage-infused colonial halls or our sumptuous terraces facing the Caribbean Sea, we offer ideal wedding venues to make your dream wedding a...

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    Cartagena: Wedding Destination

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    Wedding Forum

    Since 2016, the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara hotel has been opening a space that seeks to inform, discuss and update on the issues related to the wedding industry. Experts and professionals national and international share their...

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