Green Areas

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara has the “chef’s garden”, an area of ​​more than 27 meters in which spices, fruits and vegetables are planted that are used daily in the preparation of dishes, offering organic and healthy products in restaurants and events.

It has the largest endemic garden in the historic center with more than 30 species of local plants and more than 900 specimens that include aromatic plants, orchids and typical flowers of the region. The garden is meticulously cared for by three gardeners who are part of the list of ambassadors and who, without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, ensure that the perfect ecosystem is maintained so that species such as the “mariamulata” bird, the city’s insignia, are happy with their songs the breakfast of the guests; and at dusk, the song of the coquí frogs camouflaged in the gardens enliven the dinner of those who visit the property.
Additionally, multiple vertical gardens are taken care of that beautify and oxygenate rooms and corridors of the republican area of ​​the hotel.

All rooms are smoke free: “non-smokers”.

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