Energy, Water and Cleaning Efforts


Among the achievements to highlight is the reduction of basic services such as energy, water and gas through the installation of efficient equipment in consumption, the implementation of alternative energies and the establishment of annual savings goals. The most important actions are:

• Installation of solar panels on the pergola of the “Botika” Bar.
• Use of automatic shutdown sensors to illuminate the public areas of the hotel.
• More than 90% of the lighting in the hotel is LED and/or energy saving.

• Invitation to guests to reuse sheets and towels instead of requesting daily replacement.
• The faucets in bathrooms and bedrooms save water up to 15% more than the average.
• Water treatment plant in the laundry that allows its reuse in the rinsing process.
• The hotel has a plant installed for the treatment of gray water.
• All the toilets are water savers and consume 40% less than regular toilets.

• All cleaning chemicals used by the hotel have an “eco-label” in accordance with the legislation, which certifies them as sustainable and/or biodegradable; Additionally, suitable dispensers are used for their optimal use.
• Replacement and/or elimination of all the amenities in the rooms that were not aligned with the hotel’s sustainability strategy.

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