A new sustainability

Sustainability Commitment

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara hotel continues to be committed to the good use of resources to achieve a joint and sustainable work towards the care of the environment. As part of Accor, the Hotel works with Planet 21 Acting Here, a sustainable development program that involves its ambassadors, guests and suppliers, creating actions that lead to good practices for sustainability and preservation of the environment through changes in behavior and environmentally conscious consumption.
  • green-key

    Green Key

    The Green Key certificate is a leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. This prestigious certificate represents a commitment by companies...

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  • energy-water-and-cleaning-efforts

    Energy, Water and Cleaning Efforts

    ENERGY, WATER AND CLEANING Among the achievements to highlight is the reduction of basic services such as energy, water and gas through the installation of efficient equipment in consumption, the implementation of...

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  • environmental-management

    Environmental Management

    CARBON FOOTPRINT Implementation of multiple initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions and offset their impact as much as possible; these actions are increasingly valued by clients who prefer to opt for sustainable events. The paint...

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  • waste


    The hotel has undertaken important campaigns aimed at minimizing, eliminating and managing the waste generated. PLASTIC FREE: • The access keys to the rooms were replaced by ecological wooden keys with a magnetic stripe,...

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  • food-beverage

    Food & Beverage

    One of the most important actions of the hotel is the reduction in food waste, a reduction of close to 60% in food waste has been achieved through a daily control of the same, reviewing the sizes of the menus, adjusting the...

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  • green-areas

    Green Areas

    Sofitel Legend Santa Clara has the "chef's garden", an area of ​​more than 27 meters in which spices, fruits and vegetables are planted that are used daily in the preparation of dishes, offering organic and healthy products...

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  • social-responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    The hotel joins the global initiative called "Earth Hour" by the NGO WWF ("World Wildlife Fund"). The action seeks to raise awareness and mobilize the population on global warming and consists of turning off the lights for 60...

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  • normativity


    In addition to being certified in the different sustainability programs and standards such as NTS002 and soon "Green Key"; the Hotel complies with local and national legislation and other applicable requirements. Among which...

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