Cano Jewelry

Cano Jewelry is a well-known Colombian jewelry house known for its unique interpretations of pre-Columbian art discovered by the Cano family in the late nineteenth century.

Cano Jewelry offers a selection of unique and exclusive hand-made pieces for you.

Each piece is made using the ancestral process of lost wax, in which artisans work the piece by hand in wax and then melts it in brass, ending with a 24-carat green gold plating. The Cano Family works with a deep understanding of the ancient techniques of pattern design in order to translate it into contemporary language. The pieces are made of brass plated in 24k green gold, 18k green gold or 925 sterling silver. All the pieces are inspired by various pre-Columbian cultures.

The shop is opened daily from 8am to 8pm.

For more information:
Tel: +57 (5) 664 4434

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