Interview with Carina / Spa Director

Tell us a bit about yourself and your professional career?

Since I was little I was very interested in everything natural. My parents are both doctors and my mother especially, she taught us a lot about alternative medicine and its benefits. I have always been curious about everything that can help us to our well-being. I had the opportunity to study social communication with a master’s degree in public and business communication in Italy  6 years ago, right after, I started working in the field of hospitality and customer service. Being in daily contact with the client is something I love.

What is a typical day like for you?

My normal day is tied to my personal wellness habits. I wake up thanking life for another day, I exercise and meditate daily. Always starting the day drinking lemon water (excellent for health and skin). Once I arrive at Sofitel spa, we do a briefing on the appointments and clients of the day. Checking the reservations of the day, we try to specifically understand the needs of each client in order to provide them with the best possible service. Interacting with customers and knowing that their experience was great is a fabulous reward.

What are the current most popular treatments for men and women?

Since the pandemic, the interest in health and well-being has increased tremendously, both in women and in men. Our Sisley Phytoaromatic Hydration Facial is the most requested treatment by both genders. We have our alliance with the renowned French luxury brand: Sysley Paris. As for massages, our Relaxing Aromatic Massage with essential essences, the client can choose between lavender or mint for their aromatherapy is the favorite among our clients.

If you could recommend one service to splurge a day at Sofitel Santa Clara Spa, what would it be and why?

I would choose the 7-1 package, The Perfect Balance. This package includes everything you need to truly disconnect from the world, think about your well-being, and pamper your body and mind. In the same way and more oriented to women, the Emerald Ritual is a way to re-balance our energy in an incredible way.

Your best skincare tip?

Undoubtedly drinking water constantly both when you wake up and during the day. It is very important since water is extremely necessary for our body to function. In the same way, I recommend walking on the sand and connecting with nature. All without forgetting the use of a good sunscreen!

What’s the weirdest customer request you’ve ever received?

There have been several, but it is better not to comment on some of them. The most recent memory is a client’s request to take a bath with cold water and lots of ice. This request required a lot of coordination so that the ice would not melt immediately when taking a bath. The client enjoyed his time in the tub and was very satisfied with what he ordered.

What is your favorite spa treatment?

Sysley’s express mini facial and Zen Harmony massage with warm oils.

What are the trends to watch in 2023?

Without a doubt, there is a return to basics, to physical and mental care. I observe a concern for the mental state and stress of the clients and an urgency to dedicate time to their being with the basic aromatic treatments.

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